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    Take advantage of the help of experienced
    Habza Finanse specialists and get a loan for a foreigner on attractive terms

    Are you in Poland and need an injection of extra cash? There is a belief among foreigners that they are unable to obtain a loan from a Polish bank. With Habza Finanse, however, all obstacles will cease to matter. We will find a product tailored to your needs and make sure that the lack of Polish citizenship doesn’t prevent you from receiving financial support. Thanks to us, you will benefit from a safe loan that will allow your plans to come true. No unnecessary formalities. Without worrying about a negative credit decision.

    Fast operation

    Fast operation

    When you come to us asking for help, we immediately take action. We do our best to get the money you need to your account as soon as possible. No need to be impatient.

    A loan tailored to you

    A loan tailored to you

    We focus exclusively on solutions tailored to your needs. The criteria that affect your satisfaction with financing are important to us. Long repayment period, low installments, high loan amount – we will handle it! Loan amount up to PLN 150,000. Loan period up to 120 months.

    Guaranteed success

    Guaranteed success

    We start our work with an analysis of your creditworthiness. We examine whether it can be improved, and then we look for the perfect solution tailored to the given situation. Our clients receive support in even the most unfavorable circumstances.

    Our help is a guarantee of your success. A loan for a foreigner often involves a lot of formalities, but don't worry! We will guide you through the entire process of applying for a loan so that you can sleep peacefully.

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    Financing adapted to your needs

    At Habza Finanse, we put the needs of our clients first. Our goal is to obtain credit terms that are satisfactory for you. Therefore, if you need a loan of an exceptionally high amount, we remain at your disposal. We will also make sure that installments are low enough so that repayment of the debt is not difficult.

    Low cost of credit

    We are born negotiators. We will do our best to ensure that a loan for a foreigner comes to your hands along with a contract distinguished by attractive terms. We will focus only on products that are safe for your budget. Low cost is something we always fight for.

    We'll take care of the formalities

    In the case of a loan for a foreigner, the number of formalities can be an obstacle. We deal with obtaining loans and credits on a daily basis, which is why we offer our help. Applications, certificates, forms and contracts don’t have any secrets from us. You can focus on other things that are important to you.

    Support regardless of the type of employment

    One of the requirements set out by banks is to have an income. Therefore, the documents must be accompanied by a certificate that confirms the fact of employment and the amount of income received. We help in all circumstances, regardless of the source of income.

    We’ll help you build credibility

    Polish banks perform credit scoring before granting a loan. If you have a low credit score, we will consider what should be done to increase your chances of getting a loan. After the analysis, we will implement specific actions.

    Express advice

    We know that the need for extra cash often arises unexpectedly. When you contact us, you can be sure that we will act quickly. Our knowledge and many years of experience will help us perform our duties quickly.

    Loan for a foreigner – a way to obtain funds in the shortest possible time

    Kobieta i mężczyzna analizują dokumentację kredytową z pomocą doradczyni Habza Finanse. Habza Finanse Warszawa, Habza Finanse Bydgoszcz, Habza Finanse Zwoleń
    Cash for foreigners

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s possible for a foreigner to obtain a loan from a Polish financial institution! See for yourself that you also have a chance to get support.

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    •     An increasing influx of people from abroad makes banks more willing than a few years ago to grant loans to foreigners residing in Poland.
    •     We will guide you through every stage of applying for a loan for a foreigner – safely, effectively and professionally.
    Mężczyzna liczący gotówkę - pożyczki gotówkowe w Habza Finanse to sposób na wyjście z zadłużenia.
    Support in formalities

    We will help you in gathering all documents. Regardless of whether you come from an EU country or from another corner of the world, we will make sure that a loan for a foreigner will end up in your hands.

    Submit an application
    • To submit an application, it’s necessary to have a residence card, and depending on the bank, other documents as well.
    • The increased number of necessary documents is not an obstacle – we’ll help you collect the required certificates.
    Mężczyzna liczący monety i wkładający je do portfela - gotówka do ręki w Habza Finanse. Habza Finanse Warszawa, Habza Finanse Bydgoszcz, Habza Finanse Zwoleń
    Low credit score?

    Both Polish citizens and foreigners must be credible in the eyes of the bank. Our task is to effectively help you improve your credit scoring.

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    • Specialists from Habza Finanse will make sure that a negative credit history isn’t an obstacle in the process of applying for a loan.
    • Your income is too low and therefore you are unable to get a loan? Give us the go ahead!

    Convenient and fast loan for a foreigner

    We know perfectly well that staying in a foreign country may involve some difficulties. One of them is the necessity to adjust to the requirements of Polish institutions. If there is a desire to take out a loan, a foreigner can of course use such a product.

    What do you need to be prepared for in this regard?

    In fact, a person coming from abroad has to fulfill a similar number of formalities at the bank as in the case of Polish citizens. Usually it’s necessary to have an identity document, as well as documents confirming obtained income.

    Simple loan application procedure

    A loan for a foreigner in Poland, contrary to appearances, does not require going through additional stages or submitting many other documents. The basis is an application and documents confirming the legal residence of the foreigner in Poland.

    Specialists from Habza Finanse are people experienced in the process of applying for financial support. We are able to help everyone, regardless of their country of origin and citizenship.

    With our support, complicated formulas and intricate contractual points won’t be a complication. We will make sure that everything is clear and transparent for you. Thanks to us, everything will run in a safe and clear manner without any suspicious practices or questionable provisions.

    Money in your account in no time

    Many of our clients compliment us for our dynamic, efficient operation. When it comes to finances, time often plays an important role – we know this very well. So when we are approached by a person who needs help with a loan, we don’t wait.

    We take quick steps to find the best offer, submit the application correctly, negotiate low costs and finalize the contract.

    All this is done so that the client can use the borrowed money as soon as possible and achieve his goals. We guarantee that with us the process of applying for a loan for a foreigner won’t be longer than in the case of Polish citizens.

    Take advantage of a loan for a foreigner with the support of experienced experts

    Low credit score or citizenship of another country aren’t a problem for us. During our many years of work, we have already faced a lot of challenges, even the most difficult ones.

    We are the cure for all complications on the way to your dream loan. A loan for a foreigner is a product available in many Polish banks .

    It’s available as part of the standard offer for all Polish citizens and people from abroad.

    The only difference in its case is the need to provide documents confirming legal stay in Poland.

    Our task is to provide you with a safe transaction on favorable terms. We will guarantee you a long repayment period and low installments tailored to your capabilities.

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    ℹ Loan for a foreigner - frequently asked questions ℹ

    ➡ Can a foreigner get a loan in Poland?

    Yes, people from abroad can count on support from Polish banks. Financial institutions don’t exclude applicants on the basis of their nationality. It’s enough if the person interested in the loan provides the appropriate documents confirming legal stay in Poland. At the same time, it’s worth noting that the procedure is usually somewhat easier for EU citizens. However, obtaining a loan is possible in any case.

    However, there are no offers strictly aimed at foreigners. They can use publicly available products. The only difference is the aforementioned set of documents, which in the case of foreigners looks a bit different. Just like Polish citizens, a foreigner should also meet the bank's creditworthiness requirements. Therefore, the income certificates and the applicant's credit history will be verified. The only obstacle may therefore be a failure to meet the bank's credibility requirements.

    ➡ What documents should be provided in the case of a loan for a foreigner?

    The set of documents that should be attached to the application for a loan for a foreigner depends on several issues. The nationality of the applicant and the requirements of the bank in question are key. Among the necessary documents are those confirming identity, such as a residence card, card of residence and/or a passport. In addition, you may need a permanent residence certificate or a certificate of registration as an EU citizen.

    Assignation of PESEL number may also be required (if it’s not included in the foreigner's identity card). It’s also obligatory to submit an application indicating such data as the amount needed or the amount of income. It’s also standard procedure to present a certificate of income. The type of document confirming the income depends on its source.

    ➡ Is it possible to get a loan for a foreigner without a residence card?

    Most banks require foreigners to have a residence card, which is an identity document used while staying in Poland. Apart from having it, its validity period is also important. Banks usually indicate that the card cannot expire during the loan period, and sometimes it even has to be valid for a few months longer than the term of the agreement. However, there are financial institutions for which possessing a residence card is not necessary, and the whole procedure is greatly simplified.

    Finding such offers can be somewhat difficult for a person from abroad. That is why we offer our assistance in applying for support in the absence of a valid residence card. We are credit experts who are well acquainted with the financial products market and the requirements of banks and loan companies. We guarantee fast support and high efficiency, which we are known for.

    Przykład reprezentatywny

    Kalkulacja została dokonana na dzień 01.06.2016 r. na reprezentatywnym przykładzie. Przykład wskazuje dane orientacyjne i ma niewiążący charakter. Służy celom informacyjnym i nie stanowi oferty w rozumieniu art. 66 Kodeksu cywilnego, ani zaproszenia do zawarcia umowy kredytu konsolidacyjnego na zaprezentowanych warunkach. Wyliczenia wskazane przez kalkulator są oparte o założenia przyjęte dla reprezentatywnego przykładu, nie uwzględniają oceny zdolności kredytowej i nie wypełniają obowiązków informacyjnych wynikających z Ustawy z dnia 12 maja 2011 r. o kredycie konsumenckim. Przyznanie i wysokość kredytu konsolidacyjnego zależy od zdolności kredytowej klienta

    • Maksymalna Rzeczywista Roczna Stopa Oprocentowania (RRSO) wynosi 8,68%
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